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Nairobi, the land of safari’s and wildlife is a prime tourist destination in East Africa as well the destination for some serious business talks. Enjoying the culture of this vivacious city is possible only when you rent a car in Nairobi. Although, the capital of Kenya has been badmouthed for its lack of safety and security, driving can be a pleasurable experience if one is aware of the pros and cons of road travel in Nairobi.

Basic Traffic Regulations

Nairobi car hire can sometimes be expensive, but many people travel by car for the convenience it brings. Also, there are places inaccessible by public transportation, which only a car can reach. Visitors with an international driving license would have no problem for up to 3 months. Drive on the left hand side and give way to other vehicles on the right. As road conditions tend to be poor in remote areas, drive slow and safe. There is no “blood alcohol level” checking in Nairobi, but preferably avoid drinking out of a bottle while driving. Furthermore, drugs and narcotics are strictly illegal in Kenya. Always wear a seat belt, drive on main roads and do not drive alone or at night.

Easy & Economical

Since Nairobi is one of the exclusive wildlife centres in Kenya, enjoying a safari to get a glimpse of the ‘Big Five’ is a must do activity. It is extremely easy and secure to book a self-drive safari SUV if you are planning camping across East Africa. Nairobi car hire companies are always competing to provide reliable vehicles for hire at reasonable prices. You can choose from a range of cars for tours and safaris or for business purposes. Self drive or book a chauffeur for a comfortable ride. In some cases, you may be assured of a free airport pick up and drop off with the booking. Avail car rental in Nairobi to discover the city and any other town in Kenya.

Freedom and Choice

Discover from a range of safari-customized vehicles, saloon cars, 4WD vehicles, motor homes for families and luxury cars to best suit your car needs. The car can be delivered to the airport itself, or arrangements can be made to have the car delivered at the hotel. Rent cars for long term or short term hire.

Safety & Security

Beware of armed car hijackings on the roads that connect Nairobi city centre to residential areas. Do not try to escape or resist the demands of the hijackers. Be alert for muggings and incidents of armed robbery. Avoid stopping at the side of the road and lock the vehicle doors, windows at all times (particularly at night). Drive safe as rural roads are poorly maintained. Ensure that the car hire companies are handing over a properly maintained vehicle with all the papers in place. Rest assured, most game parks and other tourist areas are usually safe, but muggings and theft can occur anytime and anywhere.

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