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Weekends in Nairobi are becoming family days wherein all the members of the family spend time together. There are companies and other event organizers in the city who organize different events and games for the whole family at different places every Saturday and Sunday. There are religious and secular concerts, face painting events, horse back riding and other sport activities hosted by different organizations.

Horse racing

Jockey Club
Address: P.O.Box 40373, Nairobi
Tel. No: +254 20 387 3871

Amusement Parks

Rock City Gardens
Located along the Kiambu Road, Rock City Gardens is a famous amusement park.
Tel. No: +254 20 313 213
Amusement Arcade
Address: P.O.Box 30162, Nairobi
Tel. No: +254 3741460
Jolly Roger Theme Park & Restaurant
Popular among the tourists, Jolly Roger Theme Park & Restaurant is located next to Mamba Village.
Tel. No: +254 20 891 051
Paradise Lost
Address: P.O Box 66653, Nairobi
Tel. No: +254 20 315 296/273
Snake Park
Snake Park is a home for reptiles belonging to all the reptilian groups. One can also find a lot of Snakes, Chelonians, Lizards and Crocodiles in this park.

Water Sports

Splash Waterworld
Address: P.O Box 56685 – 00200, Nairobi
Tel. No: +254 20 603 777