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Nairobi is the safari capital of Kenya, where beasts and humans rule the jungle. One gets to experience an intimate encounter with the animal world, especially those who have only heard of or seen on TV. One of the most affluent cities in Africa also serves as the gateway to other safari countries bordering Kenya. Though Nairobi is not the safest city on Earth, it doesn't stop tourists from exploring the city with so many beautiful nuances. With certain precautions, a foreign tourist will easily enjoy the natural wilderness and the thumping nightlife in the city.

When to Travel

Nairobi is one of those few cities in Africa, having a mild climate all year round due to its location. On the contrary, Nairobi is safe from the blistering heat for which Kenya and Africa remain so well known. Therefore, any time is a fun time in Nairobi as the city is busy preparing for events all year round.


Nairobi serves as the gateway to many African countries and therefore is a significant jumpstart point. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport mainly caters to international flights and from Wilson Airport, domestic and chartered flights.

Travel to cities in Kenya and bordering cities is possible by train from Nairobi Railway station. Tickets could be purchased at the railway station itself or online as well. Bus service to travel within the city is very efficient. Minivans and private buses for intercity travel are also very comfortable.

There are even private taxis or shared taxis called 'Matatus' useful while touring the city. One can also hire a chauffeur-driven car. Moreover, walking turns out to be the best option as most of the city attractions are nearby each other. However, particular areas should be avoided at night, as thugs on the prowl inhabit them.


Tourists need to be on constant alert as armed robberies; car thefts are common in the city. Avoid dangerous parts of the city, particularly at night. Parts of Moi Avenue and River Road are certainly not very safe but contrarily are the liveliest sections of the city. Avoid wearing anything valuable. These days terrorism is also a threat in Nairobi, so remain updated about the current happenings.

Kenya is known for rampant epidemics of cholera, yellow fever and typhoid. Possibly inoculate yourself from the said diseases before arrival. Stay away from street food and stay loyal to bottled water.

Emergency Numbers

Police Hot Lines:  999 / 112 / 911

Wilson Airport: +254 724 255343

The Nairobi Hospital : 0703 082 000 / 0730 666000